• New Year’s Eve – LIve in Moxico
    On December 31, 2013, zyamou will celebrate the start of 2014 in an exciting live show in Moxico, Angola.

  • Shows in October and November 2013
    Upcoming shows will be held in: Luanda, Angola on October 23 and 24 (Casa 70, with Yuri da Cunha); Foetz, Luxembourg on November 16 (Factory 12); Mindelo, St. Vicente, Cabo Verde on November 23; Luanda, Angola on December 7.

  • August 2013 shows in Portugal and Cape Verde
    zyamou LIVE!!! Saturday August 10: Cabo Verde, Sao Vicente: Nôt d' Verão 2013 - Pont D' Agua. Friday August 16: Portugal, Discoteca Luanda, Lisboa. Saturday August 17: Portugal, Algarve.

  • London and Birmingham 2013
    zyamou is performing Live in the Penol at Brixton, Brixton Road, London, on Friday July 19, and in the Post Nightclub in Birmingham on July 20. Be there !!!

  • Summer shows
    zyamou live shows summer 2013: June 21 Praia, Cape Verde. June 22 Fogo, Cape Verde. June 24 Santo Antão, Cape Verde. July 13 Luxembourg. July 19 London, UK. July 20 Birmingham, UK. Venues and additionial dates will be announced soon.

  • Portugal Tour March 2013
    zyamou will perform in Portugal on March 15 THEATRIX, Coimbra; March 16 NUMBER 1, Porto; March 22 KLASZ, Algarve; March 23 GLOW, Corrois Almada.

  • New shows
    New shows are being scheduled for the coming months. Shows already include: February 3 Mozambique, February 9 Mozambique, February 16 Mozomabique, February 23 Mozambique, March 9 Paris, March 16 Toulouse. Details and other shows to be announced later.

  • New Angola shows
    Friday October 19, Cuando Cubango; Saturday October 20, Bié; Sunday October 21, Huambo. Check local media for venues.

  • Touring Angola
    zyamou is currently touring Angola. She arrived on friday October 12, had several TV interviews with TPA, and will perfom in Saurimo, Lunda Sul, tonight. More shows include Benguela and Bie. Details to be published later.

  • From Luanda to Lausanne

    Among the confirmed show dates in 2012 are:

    • Maputo, Beira, Mozambique, March 23, 24, 25 and 26
    • Luanda, Angola, March 31
    • Lyon, France, April 6
    • Rome, Italy, April 8
    • Guadeloupe, July 27 and July 28

    Dates will be announced soon for Brasil (July 2012), France, Portugal, United States, Cabo Verde, and elsewhere.